The London Adventure

Well… how do you actually write about such a crazy adventure? Arrived in London Tuesday evening and already flying back, but, though the journey was short, it was more than worth it.

Wednesday was grey and windy, but, by the end of the afternoon, maybe as a sign of good fortune, the sun peeped out from behind the clouds.

I met with Cara Delevingne, witty, wild and whacky! Three words that sum up why I went to meet her.

Cara got the unique printed trenchcoat and a “the world is Notinaf” t-shirt. Thank you so much for your welcome!

She is different, she is herself, she does not care what people think. And, most importantly, she’s different from the typical model, which makes her all the more unique.

Basically, she’s just enjoying, feeling good and she owns it. Hmmm, wait, that reminds me of something… Right! Check the shop on