No more trends, no more fashion calendar, no more quantities. Notinaf favors an urban style, creating with spontaneity timeless and unique pieces, nevertheless subtly managing to convey modernity with streetwear influences and a nostalgia for previous periods. The creations are spontaneous: an explosion of colours to refresh the greyness of the streets, a carthesian approach in the cuts and an accurate choice for fabrics. The brand works on the creative process with an avowed determination to surprise with a colourful and bold approach to fashion. Discover a streety-retro, yet trendy collection, that does not impose a style, but follows human’s nature to be free, simply to show that what makes us all the same, ultimately makes us all different.

The philosophy? Own it and enjoy!

Creation stays in the family, as it is Notinaf’s father, an established local graphic designer, who designs the special and bright prints, reviving the grey streets and the mood of the wearer. As much as the concept, the cuts are made to be intemporel: pieces that can be worn whatever the season or occasion. The fabrics have been chosen to make the garments comfortable. The production is 100% Swiss made, focusing on quality and precision.