Scarves (unique pieces and limited edition)
Native artist: / Transformer: Winfried Geymeier
100% Silk, 110cm x 110cm, made in Italy

Copie de foulard orange

New: Blue Explosion Bombers CHF 285
Made in Switzerland

Habits Natinaf 41Habits Natinaf 42Habits Natinaf 46Habits Natinaf 47

Phoenix printed pants CHF 295
Made in Switzerland

Habits Natinaf 39 Phoenix pants

Phoenix T’s CHF 115
Prints from local graphic designer.
Made in Switzerland

Phoenix T's Habits Natinaf 5

Discover the Blue Explosion bags CHF 180
All of them are one of a kind and all the prints are unique works from local graphic designer: my father. So proud to create in family!!
Made in Switzerland
Sacs Navamani 23 Sacs Navamani 21 Sacs Navamani 19 Sacs Navamani 17 Sacs Navamani 11 Blue Explosion

Here they are! Get your new Phoenix bags CHF 120
Collaboration with local swiss graphic designer for the prints
Made in Switzerland

Phoenix Bags Sacs Navamani 7 Photo credit: William Gammuto

Phoenix collectionPhoenix_aless_oph

HIM: Blue t-shirt 85 CHF, Lava pants 295 CHF
HER: Orange t-shirt 85 CHF, Blue pants 225 CHF

Phoenix Collection SS15:

Revive the streets! is a unisex collection. A new direction Notinaf has taken to present her work. By collaborating with a local graphic designer for special and  bright prints, the Phoenix collection revives the grey streets and the mood of the wearer.
You can choose your print to have a unique piece. Nobody can have the same piece of clothing, as the print is large and long. It is a surprise to discover when ordering your special t-shirt or pants.

Photo credit: Sophie Waridel ©
Print design: Winfried Geymeier ©HER: Illustion t-shirt 115 CHF, Grey pants 225 CHF
HIM: Blue t-shirt 85 CHF, Lava pants 295 CHFHIM: Blue t-shirt 85 CHF, Illusion pants 295 CHF
HER: Explosion t-shirt 115 CHF, Orange pants 225 CHFHIM: Explosion t-shirt 115 CHF, Yellow pants 225 CHF
HER: Orange t-shirt 85 CHF, Lava pants 295 CHFRight: HER: Explosion t-shirt 115 CHF, Red pants 225 CHF

Size range: HIM (XS, S, M, L, XL) HER (XS, S, M, L, XL)
Don’t wait, revive the streets, revive your mood by ordering on specifying your size, sexe and print/colour.